Have Questions about CTI ePortfolio?

Check this page for answers. Or, please contact us online at eportfolio@cticap.com or call us at 514 861-3500 or toll free 1-800-668-3500, ask for Mark Chadakhtzian at extension 256

CTI ePortfolio is a product offered by CTI. CTI Capital Securities is an independent financial institution and a full service investment dealer since 1987. CTI helps create wealth for its clients through its extensive financial market expertise. The best financial models developed by our research department have been used in the development of the CTI ePortfolio. You can learn more about CTI at : www.cticap.com/compagnie.

Why CTI?

  • At CTI Capital Securities, we strive to help you build wealth through our expertise and in-depth knowledge of financial markets and the economy, which we have successfully done for nearly 30 years.
  • Our recommendations are based on a substantial range of knowledge, expertise, experience and ethics.
  • With close to 30 years practice of servicing clients at the institutional level, we perfected our models and decided to extend our institutional “know-how” and financial audacity to the retail level.
  • We have added new ways of doing and thinking, and introduced eTechnology to our platforms to offer you ePortfolios. Everyone and everything is now working for you at CTI.
  • What differentiates CTI from other small boutiques is the consistency of its market calls documented by its in-house highly developed proprietorship models.
  • If you want to invest Smart, we can invest well. Let us handle your investment plan and apply constant or regular or automatic rebalancing of all your securities, while minimizing your fees.

How much does a CTI ePortfolio cost?

Our cost is very competitive given our more than proven track record compared with other firms. We know the products we buy and we understand their background.

With an ePortfolio, we offer an efficient, well-diversified portfolio invested in a chosen right mix of funds according to your risk level. We provide daily account monitoring, and automatic rebalancing to keep your portfolio on track. The funds we choose are Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) including ones from Vanguard, BMO and iShares.

Can you manage my registered accounts, such as my RRSP?

Absolutely! We currently manage registered accounts such as retirement savings plan (RRSP), tax-free savings account (TFSA) and registered education savings plan (RESP).

Questions? Please contact us online at eportfolio@cticap.com or call us at 514-861-3500, extension 256 or toll free 1-800-668-3500, extension 256

Where can I see how I'll be invested?

Check your proposed optimal portfolio on the CTI ePortfolio website. We identified nine key asset classes through which we cover a substantial portion of the investable world. These asset classes hold the biggest impact on returns and allow us to diversify your portfolio on two levels:

  1. investing in an asset class ETF provides security-level diversification
  2. investing across asset classes provides exposure to many different markets.

How do I pay for my CTI ePortfolio?

We charge an annual fee billed monthly. The fee is charged on the 15th calendar day of the following month and then automatically deducted from your brokerage account. (Note: The monthly fee is deducted from a small portion of cash left uninvested in your account.)

What is CTI’s investment strategy?

At CTI, our investment strategy is to apply:
  1. A Flexible Model tune the performance by balancing your risk tolerance. These
  2. An Efficient use of market calls to increase or decrease the asset classes in volatile markets.
  3. An Opportunist Model - an automatic rebalancing of ePortfolio according quantitative and economic indicators.

What is your minimum to get started?

Our minimum is $50,000. This is the basic amount for us to zero in on the right allocation and effectively manage your account for you.

How can I get access to my CTI ePortfolio?

You can access 24/7 your account balances, holdings and your history of transactions. You can also build custom watch-lists for quotes.

You can log into your CTI ePortfolio with your account mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

How do I invest in CTI ePortfolio?

Only three steps to get started! There is no excuse to delay!

Step 1: Tell us about yourself and we will determine your profile

Step 2: We will match you with one of our 2 model based ePortfolios

Step 3: We will then actively manage your ePortfolio for you and update you on your performance

How do I close my CTI ePortfolio Account, if I decide to? Are there any penalties?

You can easily cancel, at any time and for any reason. Just contact us online at eportfolio@cticap.com or call us at 514-861-3500, extension 256 or toll free 1-800-668-3500, extension 256 toll free. There are no penalties for closing your account. Typically, it can take 10 business days to close and transfer out the holdings to another broker.